Meet Our Horses


Show Name: Tower of Power
Nickname: Beau B Breaux
Birthdate: 1992 
Biometrics: 16.1 Hand Black Gelding Saddlebred

One word immediately comes to mind when asked to describe beautiful Mr. Breaux and that is saint. Saint is a quite accurate description because no other horse on the planet wants to help his riders more than Breaux. He evens opens his mouth to say “ahh” for the bit! Whether it’s a very small child just beginning to find their balance or a tentative adult starting out or returning to riding after a break, Breaux does his utmost to ease the path. In fact, his experience & kindness are so vast that if only Breaux could speak English he could probably teach the lesson all by himself! He also responds to voice commands like “walk”, “trot”, “canter” and “whoa”. Another pretty neat fact about Breaux is his connection to Star Trek’s Captain Kirk. Breaux’s sire, a horse named Preferred Property, was owned by none other than the famous actor William Shatner.  Breaux had a stellar dressage show career through 3rd level before becoming Hearthstone’s resident beginner expert Saint Beaux!

Lei Lei

Show Name: Southern Sass
Nickname: Lazy Lei
Birthdate: 2003
Biometrics: 14.2 Hand Paint Mare Quarter Horse

Absolutely adorable and quite laid back Lei Lei came to Hearthstone from a lovely Magnolia Texas family where she was surrounded by 5 active children. Given her many varied pursuits with the children she enjoys pony playground games and trail rides as much as winning show ribbons for the more petit sized of our riders. She is as adept at carrying a more serious rider learning the rigors of dressage as she is teaching a new rider their first trot or canter. Lei Lei’s sweet loveable nature plus her extra jazzy markings -especially her eye catching 3 color tail- make Lei Lei a real barn favorite. But mind her near any grass as she is a “grassaholic”! If she had a bumper sticker it would doubtless read “I’d rather be grazing”. Do stop by to meet Lei Lei and be sure to remember her favorite treats include but are not limited to carrots, apples, peppermints and Fig Newton’s. In fact, Fig Newton’s will make her lick her tongue over and over as she savors the yummy jelly inside- extra cute!

Save Me

Show Name: Sandro Sensation
Nickname: Savie
Birthdate: 1999
Biometrics: 16.3 Hand Black Gelding Imported German Oldenburg

In addition to being tall, dark and very handsome Save Me also has an intriguing background. He was imported from Germany as a yearling and has a quite famous sire named Sandro Hit whose admired offspring have won many top dressage awards here and in Europe. Save Me also had a winning dressage show career before. While always a very mellow fellow Save Me can help more advanced riders learn intricate dressage moves such as counter canter, leg yields and half pass in addition to shoulder in and haunches in. He is also usually very successful at our schooling shows. Although he is a serious worker during dressage, Save Me also can show his more playful side as he does tricks like beg for a treat by bowing and turning his head sideways to look super cute. He has quite a sense of humor too! Save Me is a gorgeous guy with a multi-faceted personality and an insouciant good nature that will no doubt charm you as much as he has everyone here at Hearthstone.


Show Name: R Valentino Tu
Nickname: Teddy Bear
Birthdate: 1993
Biometrics: 14.3 Hand Chestnut Gelding Arabian

Dashingly handsome and charming, debonair bon vivant Ted is always happily willing to make new friends. His cute, perky Arabian good looks are coupled with a lovely intelligent nature that makes him pretty irresistible. His cute alert ears and big almond eyes miss nothing going on around him, most especially never an opportunity for a delectable tidbit or treat! Teddy might even qualify for “Horse Mensa” as he is able to figure out ways to escape stall locks that even some humans have trouble with! Ted enjoys a nice subtle ride and is very helpful in teaching his riders to be quiet with their aids. In keeping with his overall good taste Ted’s favorite treats are fresh long luscious carrots with the tops still on.



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