Charla Gipson

Charla began riding at age six and was a successful junior rider in the mid-west. She has competed in dressage, hunter/jumper, combined training, and endurance events and considers riding a lifelong learning experience. In more recent years, she has continued that success and was GHCTA division champion in combined training for 2005. Charla is an Airport Ranger, has been licensed by The California Horse Racing Board and worked with The Gallery Racing Team and been awarded several end of year awards from the Houston Dressage Society.

Her students have also been successful in the show ring at the HDS schooling and recognized levels, several going on to win HDS end of year awards. Her wealth of varied equestrian experience, along with being the mother and home educator of two sons, grants Charla a unique perspective to help beginner to intermediate riders reach their riding goals safely and in a positive, fun way while at the same time instilling the important basics of dressage. Charla says “nothing is more fulfilling for me than watching beginning riders of all ages develop their confidence and competence on horseback”.  For more information please visit Charla’s website at or her facebook page at

Siri Bezdicek

Siri began riding at age 5, and since Siri’s mother was a successful F.E.I. dressage competitor, horses and dressage were a constant in her life. As Siri matured, she explored other equestrian disciplines, including jumping, hunters, reining, and even dabbled in ranch horse work. However, Siri’s passion for dressage always pulled her back. She is a USDF Silver Medalist and has enjoyed training and teaching dressage horses and riders for over a decade. In addition to her own success in the show ring, Siri has helped her students achieve success as well, in both schooling and recognized shows.

Like all of us, Siri knows dressage can be a humbling sport but believes nothing in the world can beat those “got it!!” moments. That instant when -for a stride or a circle- it comes together and you can feel it; when it all makes sense. As an instructor, Siri looks to bring this same experience to her students. For Siri, that moment when her student “gets it” and she sees the excitement shining from their eyes is as good as experiencing it herself.

In the end, Siri’s passion is more than just dressage. It’s about horses- being in their company, getting to know their individual personalities, and seeing how proud they are after a good lesson. Siri likes to work with all breeds and has experience with Arabians, Thoroughbreds, Friesians, Quarter Horses, warm bloods, and crosses.

For more information, you can visit her website, or her facebook page at

Andrea Hart

Andrea Hart is a trainer and instructor at Hearthstone Riding Stables. She has a lifetime of riding behind her. She has earned her USDF Bronze and Silver medals and looks forward to earning her USDF Gold medal. She and her 7 year old Oldenburg mare Winterfair have placed at the regional and national levels including 2nd Level Freestyle Open Champions at the 2014 Region 9 Great American and South West Dressage Championships, and 7th in the nation in Second Level Freestyle at the 2014 Nationals in Lexington, Kentucky November 6-11, 2014.

Andrea takes advantage of numerous continuing education opportunities including annual trips to Florida for the FEI Trainer’s conference. She also had the honor of being selected to ride in the USEF Young Horse Clinics with Scott Hassler two years running.

For over a decade, Andrea has trained both horses and riders for the dressage ring. She works with Adult Amateurs, Junior Riders, and Young Riders at all levels. Her students are consistently in the ribbons. Her teaching philosophy focuses on safe and harmonious connection between horse and rider. For more information including the most recent accomplishments of Andrea and her students, look at her website or visit her facebook page at

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